The Ugly Truth : Abs Are Made In The Kitchen

Well, well…. The most asked and annoying question for everyone of us: How do I get six-pack?! Not a six-pack of Heineken guys, a real six-shredded-pack!

Most of you have probably given up on trying to get them. Hours spent in the gym, doing millions of crunches, running, jumping, squatting and everything else possible that can give a sign of if the abs are coming. But no signs right?

I know, and I feel you, because I was in the same situation as you are at this moment. Ready to quit and not to talk about ranting at my parents for making a kid with genes not fit for creating abs.

After working out days and nights for 3 years, I thought my dream of having a six-pack was over. I said to myself: “Ana, I will give you one more chance!”. You will push so hard – above your limits, and if after all of that, you don’t see the abs, then just quit!

Well…. What do you think? That I am writing to you here this moment because I quit? To tell you about how proud I am to be a quitter? Of course not, my lovelies. I am writing to you to tell you that I have a little secret to share with you all .

And the most interesting and exciting part is that YOU DON’T HAVE TO DO A MILLION CRUNCHES anymore to get the six-pack.

Can I tell you something that will instantly make your day?

You already have a six-pack!

Yes my dears, under that belly fat, lies a perfect, sexy, six-pack.  You are probably looking at your stomach now and asking yourself: “What is she talking about, is she insane?”.

If you find and analyze your old pictures of when you were a small kiddo, you can see that even at the age of 5 you already had a six-pack, without even doing as much as a little crunch. I hope you don’t think that you were born to be a fitness competitor:) It’s just reality, that when you are younger you have less fat , and that as we grow and eat more that six-pack becomes covered with belly fat. Unfortunately.

I know, If I would have told you earlier maybe you would have avoided all those sweets and candies offered by your grandma.

Long story short.. Where we make the biggest mistakes and why we can’t get that freaking six-pack. You go to the gym and you do a million crunches, I believe you. But my question is: What do you do after your training?

You go home, you open the fridge and consume some snack that contains more than 500 calories! And that is the moment where the most annoying and unfair cycle begins.

So.. The ugly truth is that ABS ARE MADE IN THE KITCHEN ! You need to focus on what you need to change in your diet and in your own kitchen that will finally make you see the first baby abs.

  • Throw away all the treats, sweets, candies, bars with more sugars than proteins
  • Stop cooking and baking with white flour and refined sugar
  • Add more healthy fats like avocado, almonds, nuts, coconut oil, olive oil
  • Don’t eat more calories than burned ones
  • Add more protein to your diet such as lean chicken, fish, and greek yogurt
  • Drink a lot of water and green tea !

I promise you guys, once you change your diet, and you become more organized and disciplined in the kitchen, the abs will start saying hello to you!

Don’t start thinking “yay, no more crunches, just less food”. You have to keep up with the crunches and the workout for your abdomen. That’s the only way that will speed up the definition and the visibility of your abs.

Your relationship with food is your key ! Change it and your abs will see the sun one more time!


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