Grab-and-Go Energy Bars

Energy bars are a delicious and convenient snack – they are all packed up and ready to go. I am a big fan of trying new bars and exploring new flavours, so a few days ago my boyfriend brought me a box of healthy energy bars so I could stop craving sweets and looking for healthy bars in Macedonia, because frankly, in this country, they just don’t exist:( I mean.. We do have some choices, but I can’t trust how healthy they are.

I believe most of you guys are asking yourselves: Are energy bars good for you? Well, let’s just put it in this way: They are better than reaching for a snickers bar.

These healthy bars have their own purpose and at the same time, they are all ready for you to grab them and go, providing you with nutrients like protein, carbs, fat and some vitamins and minerals . They help maintain a good energy level.

I advise you to eat one bar per day in combination with a healthy, balanced diet. You shouldn’t go to far and eat 2 or 3 bars per day, or to substitute them with a meal. They are just additional snacks to add to your regime.

The healthy bars that I tried are bought in Norway. I must admit that they were so delicious that one moment I even forgot that they were actually healthy bars. Most of them are gluten free and organic, with a lot of proteins. That makes them perfectly good for eating before, during or after your workouts. They are even better than sport drinks because not only do they contain proteins and carbs for giving you energy, but they satisfy your hunger too.JUB300

My favorite was the Rawnola bar that has ZERO GRAINS. ZERO GLUTEN. ZERO GMOs. ZERO REFINED SUGAR. ZERO TRANS FAT. It is made with raw ingredients . Impressive right ?

I would recommend you trying all of these bars to see for yourself. Let me know which ones you like better.

If you already have a favorite energy bar, share it in the comments section below.


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