Running, Cheaper Than Therapy!

When I think about running I think about the days when I was 15 years old, how I was 5 kg overweight and how great of a desire I had of losing those kg. I was waking up every morning at 5 a.m and I was going for long runs, I was running and running... Continue Reading →

Late Night Snack Attack !

Hi there! It's late in the night and this is not me speaking! It's my conscious, and my thoughts provoked by the late night snacking demons that want to get me up from bed and guide me towards the "favorite" place in the house... The kitchen! To be more precise... The fridge! OK guys, before talking about... Continue Reading →

Treat Or Cheat? 

It was a beautiful day and I was walking down the streets of Milano. The smell of pepperoni pizza and the perfect italian gelato was making me go crazy. I couldn't resist the temptation, and decided to have a TREAT! When having a treat, it probably ends up being you and your favorite ice cream,... Continue Reading →

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