No Bake Mini Cheesecakes

Making a cheesecake is a fun thing to do, but can usually be a pain in the neck because it takes some time, and when you realize that you are the only one who should eat that whole cake, it just makes you give up on the whole process. Don't get me wrong, I love... Continue Reading →

Dark Chocolate Matcha Balls

Super delicious Dark Chocolate Matcha Balls. All you need is: dark chocolate, cocoa powder, coconut oil, coconut flour, honey, vegan or whey protein, almond milk, and matcha powder. I promise you this recipe is so easy and seriously tasty! First of all, I want to apologize to all my followers and readers that I'm obsessed... Continue Reading →

Phuket Diaries

Before the Thailand trip was booked, I was dreaming about it for some time, and all I had in my imagination were crystal blue waters and orchids. Unknowingly, I was dreaming about Phuket, because this island is like made out of a dream. We had arrived at the beautiful Sri Panwa Resort on Phuket. One... Continue Reading →

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