The one where I turn 30

What’s up 30? I’ve arrived!

Last Sunday I turned 30, and what an amazing day it was. If you know me, you will know that I adore birthdays, and my milestone birthday was no exception!


Since this is a milestone birthday (the end of the decade of “finding yourself” and the beginning of the “better have your s**t together” decade), I decided to dedicate this blog post to me.

My twenties were a decade of transformation. It is a decade that requires a lot from a young person, a constant process of learning and transition – from student to a professional, a girlfriend to a wife-to-be, a woman to a mother. And you know what folks? I feel kinda good about joining the 30 club.

In fact, when there’s wine, balloons and cakes it kind of rocks. It definitely wasn’t how I thought I’d be spending my birthday, but to be honest it was a birthday that I would never forget, all the love that poured in was amazing. I’m still overwhelmed and feeling so loved by everyone in my life and that includes everyone online too!


Turns out that turning 30 isn’t so terrifying after all.

It was my first birthday as a mom. I realized that with my candles glowing, my family surrounding me, my fiancé FaceTiming me(thanks to Covid for separating us), our home nesting us and my baby in my arms, I, for once felt selfish making a wish. What could a person, who is so blessed already, possibly wish for? So instead I made a thank you(for everything I have had in my life until this point) prayer blowing out my candles.


Best part of this years birthday was having my little princess to spend it with for the first time, we were missing “daddy” a lot. But thanks to him, my family and my friends, I felt incredibly loved on my special day. It can’t get any better than this. I am not taking ANY of this for granted. 


Getting older and lovin it!


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