9 months in – 9 months out

9 months in —> 9 months out.

It’s hard to comprehend that I carried Olanna for the same amount of time she has been in my arms as of now. I guess what they say is true. Time flies when you’re having fun! Trust me, this girl is all about fun. This little pumpkin loves to laugh, climb, and challenges us in the cutest, possible ways. Never a dull moment with this one.


It’s quite remarkable to think that I’ve spent my whole pregnancy wondering and worrying about this little being as she grew inside my stomach – What she will be like and who she will become. Time moved so slow while she was on the inside and now, somehow, she’s been here on the outside just as long(even though these last 9 months seemingly moved so much faster).


I am so grateful for this beautiful girl. I am learning more about her every day and she is even teaching me things I never knew about myself. ⁣
⁣I have a ton of emotions looking at these pics side by side. SO much I could say!
My biggest thought: Our bodies are so amazing! To be able to literally create, grow and nurture another human being from a single cell.

In the past few weeks, she’s learned to sit, kneel, army crawl at top speed, pull herself up to stand, wave, clap and say dada. And she loves to practice all these new skills too…  ⁣
She is definitely her own little woman. She knows what she likes and is not afraid to speak up if displeased(or if you don’t feed her fast enough). ⁣


⁣Life has gotten a whole lot crazier and filled with a lot more love! I love being a mommy so much!⁣

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