Our first Christmas + 6 months update

It’s our first Christmas together and I bet you haven’t seen me happier. I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas.

One thing I wish to set straight from the very beginning of this blog post is that this was actually written three weeks ago, but I really couldn’t find free time to publish it! Mom life be like, complaining about never having time off always and forever!

All jokes aside my drafts folder is filled up with so many of these baby and postpartum moherhood updates. Olannas first month, the first ten weeks, three months update, postpartum update…. Unfortunately not even one of them got finished or published.

Now I finally got some free time to write about our very first Christmas together and Olanna’s six month update. Ahh she is 6 months already ! Time is just flying by, 2020 is seven days away !

Last year during Christmas I announced that I am pregnant with her, and she was as big as a pomegranate seed. Can’t believe she is physically with me today.

She already met Santa so we checked that out of the list. We also did our Christmas family photoshoot with matchy outfits of course ( is it even Christmas without matching outfits ).

The photoshoot was the most memorable one since my boyfriend decided to surprise me and propose to me in the middle of the session. Ofcourse I said yes, but I will talk about that maybe in the next blog post.

I can’t believe she is already 6 months old. It is becoming hard to remember what she was like as a newborn. Looking back at videos and photos, she has already changed so much. Even when I think back to just about ten days ago, I can see and notice so many differences. Everything changes overnight. She is growing so fast and I just want to freeze every single detail of her changes so I can memorise them. Her smiles, looks, and the days with her in my brain forever.

She is slowly but surely getting her rolls and chunks which I loveee to kiss and squeeze all day long. I am still exclusively breastfeeding which I love and enjoy. I love the way she looks into my eyes and smiles while eating.

She is honestly such a chill baby. She can stay in my hands the whole day without complaining. She loves to smile which in turn gives me joy. She is of the age which makes her be able to play on her own in the baby gym.  She is rolling over from her back to stomach, so diaper changing is a challenge at the moment. She is very curious, looking around at her surroundings. She can hold up her head really well, she loves to go for walks in the stroller and not to mention my favourite thing so far which is that she loves to “talk” and “sing”. I enjoy seeing her trying and exploring new sounds. Baby talk is the best!

We also started giving her baby porridge. In Norway, they start introducing solid food at 4 months, so the first recommended meal was baby buckwheat porridge and carrot. We bought the one she is allowed to have from 4 months old just to get those taste buds going. She is so funny. At the beginning more of it was ending up on her rather than in her tummy but now she can finish one whole meal and she enjoys it, thats all that matters.

And me? I’m here. I feel human most days. I’m at a place where it feels natural to take Olanna everywhere with me. Driving with her in the car feels like a natural thing now. I am almost back to my pre-pregnancy weight, I have 2 more kg to lose, there is still some loose skin and extra fat but I really can’t care less at the moment. If this was me before I was a mother I would be so stressed and depressed about my current body image but now all of that feels so unimportant. What matters is how I feel in my own skin and I truly feel so good and confident!

To see my baby happy is the ultimate goal at the moment. Maybe this will sound weird but I don’t even remember life before Olanna, like how I was even happy without her. The sleepless nights, learning new things, being scared as new parents, birth, was all WORTH it! I love my life and I absolutely adore being her MAMA!



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