30 weeks down, 10 to go

Time really is flying by.

That actually makes me so sad. It’s crazy how fast (yet, slow) time goes by. And it’s an incredible thing to deal with because when I look in the mirror I love seeing my bump.


I remember saying in my first trimester that my pregnancy was gonna be a breeze, I was not going to be phased at all and that was all true until, BOOM, the third trimester hits and now simple tasks such as getting out of bed or bending down has become my worst nightmare.

Third trimester really just came in a way of: “Hey I’ve been waiting to torture you”.


At 30 weeks my bump is pretty big, and nicely round. I am really in love with my pregnancy shape and I am taking advantage by wearing tight dresses. Not being worried about my belly sticking out is the best feeling – It’s definitely one of the things I will miss when it’s all gone. I was always a person who worried about having a bloated belly or I was afraid of gaining some extra fat. To have several months off dieting, being a gym rat and building a summer body has been a relaxation for me.

Baby girl is being quite active at this stage – she really gives me some brutal kicks already!

In the middle of all of this we moved from Denmark to Norway. We found a new house for us to move in to, and to be honest I am loving it.

Untitled Design 16.PNG

Here’s to the last stretch! 10 weeks to go!!!

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