7 months and counting (with Welly Merck Watch)

March flew by and April is almost here! I can’t believe how fast time flies! Is it me? My pregnancy excitement? Or the spring weather? Whatever it is, it’s just nice when you have a lovely watch on your wrist to know what time it is!

Currently my watch says: 7 months pregnant and counting….


One more thing that sparks up my excitement even more is the fact that I got to partner with the company that makes these beautiful watches, Welly Merck!


To be honest, I wear this watch almost everyday. All of the watches I have are with a  white dial so while I was choosing my very first Welly Merck Watch, I saw the Classic New York R with black dial, and that was it, I was already in love with it! The black and rose gold combination whispers sophistication.

I must say, collaborations are so much more fun when you really use and love the product.


One thing that you will all love about these watches, is that they’re affordable. Plus they come with interchangeable straps.

Welly Merck have also provided me with a $50 DISCOUNT CODE for you guys to use on their website! Simply enter ‘ANAWM50’ at checkout and get $50 off of your order!

I received it really fast and it came in the cutest box ever!! I mean, cman! Look at this Tiffany packaging! Lovely right?


If you’re looking for an elegant watch as a fashion piece, Welly Merck is the way forward.


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