Pretty In Pink (Blush)

How have I already been pregnant for seven months? Oh time definitely flies, and I can barely keep the excitement to myself.

My bump is growing even more and even though I was one of those girls who was saying I would never spend money on maternity clothes in pregnancy,I have to admit that I genuinely fell in love with all those comfy leggings and jeans.

To be honest, it can be really hard to find maternity clothes, as I am always looking for the clothes to be comfortable yet stylish.


I believe the universe did it’s job while I was all desperate for new comfy maternity pieces, and the collaboration with PinkBlush came to me at the right time and moment! Plus their maternity dresses are so fashionable. The first item that I got is this lovely sleeveless white dress. It’s so comfortable and has the softest material. It’s perfect for spring with a jacket or coat on, for summer time, and you can wear it to work and look elegant and stylish.

Pink Blush

One thing that I understood during pregnancy, is that it is very important for the moms-to- be to feel confident. It’s not easy and that is a fact, but I always take one thing into account, and that is the saying: “When you look good, you feel good”.

Check all the maternity clothes HERE. Believe me you will love PinkBlush, whether you are pregnant or not.

*PinkBlush gifted this dress to me. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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