Santorini Dreaming

It’s a lovely day for reminiscing, isn’t it?

Armed with a huge matcha latte by my side, let’s talk Santorini.

This perfect romantic island was on my bucket list for so long. Little did I know, it was on everyones bucket list.

When I was dreaming about this Greek island, the first things that came to mind were beautiful white-washed buildings, breathtaking sunset views and blue domes. My dream was not very far off as this was more or less what I found in Santorini.

I am really happy to say that I was finally able to tick off this beautiful destination.

When I first arrived to this paradise island I couldn’t stop believing just how picture perfect it was. Believe it or not, it looks just as mesmerazing as how the photos portrays them, and just prepare yourself for falling short of breath a couple of times as it doesn’t stop surprising, no matter where you are on the island. There is no other place like this one.

It is perfect for couples, especially if you are considering a honeymoon or a romantic place to spend an anniversary.

Santorini is what you see in the pictures – the blue and white and windmills and sunset. You don’t need anything else, to be very honest.

Whenever you see pictures of Santorini, they are almost always likely to be of the picturesque towns of Oia, which is the most beautiful and famous Santorini spot.

Oia is so gorgeous and romantic and yes I admit that I couldn’t stop taking photos there!

One of my two favourite spots to see the sunsets were in Oia. But be aware that if you want a nice spot to see the majestic sunset in Oia, you have to be prepared to be part of the crowd that is willing to to do the same and so I recommend going earlier to get a decent viewspot.

So why is this sunset so special and what makes it so different, that people decide to travel to Santorini from all over the world? I would just say this, it is breathtaking. I have seen a lot of beautiful sunsets in my life, and I believe you have too, but no sunset has taken my breath away like this one did, and I have never felt such peace and tranquility at one place.

Oia is also known for all the luxury hotels and fine dining restaurants. It has cute narrow streets, fancy boutiques and a lot of jewellery stores, but we went to Oia in particular to experience the fine dining. No matter where you go, you will probably find a table for a cocktail or dinner and you will most likely have a nice view.

We wanted the full Santorini experience, so we found a stunning suite. It was located in Imerovigli, a town just north of the capital of Thira. This ended up being a great place to escape the crowds.

Our choice was Abyssanto Suits & Spa. Located at the highest point of the hill of Imerovigli. We booked the V.I.P suite and I must admit, it definitely exceeded all our expectations of relaxation and luxury.

What made the stay even more memorable was the private balcony where you can enjoy the heated jacuzzi gazing at the ”infinite” blue Aegean sea.

Every morning on this same terrace we were treated to the hotel’s breakfast. They were bringing us an entire platter of food directly to the room. Each morning was different but usually it included an entire loaf of bread, yummy croissants, sandwiches, eggs, greek yogurt, fruit and vegetables salad, lava cake, and cold cuts with cheese. It was overwhelming! Even though I am not a big fan of unhealthy breakfast choices, this time I decided to relax and just enjoy my vacation.

Imerovigli is much quieter than Oia, so if you’re looking to get away from the crowds, I would definitely recommend this quiet and romantic town.

Possibly one of the easier ways of travel to the island is by renting an ATV like we did. The experience was definitely a lot of fun.

Thira or Fira is the main and the largest city on this island. This is the centre of the activity, and the epicentre of Santorini’s nightlife. Most of the best cocktail bars and nightclubs are located here. During the day you can walk around the little streets which are filled with shops, restaurants, cafes and bars.

You can shop for souvenirs or try some traditional greek food at one of the restaurants overlooking the Agean sea with enhancing views. If you want an even more special view then take the cable car which takes you down to the old port and gives you some great sights of the island.

There are some excellent coffee places and small stands that make fresh smoothies and acai bowls, which were my everyday ”must take” when taking a break from the long walks.

Santorini also has some very interesting beaches, known as the black and the red beach. Unfortunately I didn’t get the chance to visit them, but from what I understand Santorini is definitely not famous for it’s beaches. Santorini is NOT a sun and sand destination.

It was difficult saying goodbye to this heavenly island. It was a memorable trip with so much to see and explore and a place you must visit at least once in your lifetime. It is such a gorgeous, dreamy and romantic island which I would recommend to anyone.

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