Phuket Diaries

Before the Thailand trip was booked, I was dreaming about it for some time, and all I had in my imagination were crystal blue waters and orchids. Unknowingly, I was dreaming about Phuket, because this island is like made out of a dream.

We had arrived at the beautiful Sri Panwa Resort on Phuket. One of Phuket’s top luxury resorts.


As soon as we stepped through the entrance into the lobby we were welcomed with an orchid bracelet, a cold wet towel with mint essence and a refreshing ice tea drink.

A very unique, luxurious Thai style resort located at the top of Cape Panwa. The villas all have their own pools, views of the Andaman Sea and a FREE minibar (and not just a regular one but stacked with drinks, snacks, sweets, and all the yummy things possible).


The privacy you have at this resort is like nowhere else. The villas themselves come with everything you could possibly need. Everything these villas offer is out of this world. When we got inside our private pool villa, we were instantly blown away, we could not stop giggling. “Wow” was the only expression I could form with my lips the following 5 minutes! We stepped into the huge open bedroom with doors which when opened take you to the infinity private pool with a sea view. At that moment I really understood that dreams turn into plans and plans turn into reality.


Let me start talking about the restaurants and the food they serve, which was super exceptional.

Everything is prepared and decorated with so much passion and love. One thing I just can’t forget is the warmth and the hospitality of the staff. We were greeted with smiles everyday, they were so polite and lovely.


This paradise was our “home” during our time in Phuket. I can say it was exactly what we dreamed of and even more. We were completely aware that our time in Phuket was going to be pretty frantic, because there were so many places we wanted to visit, so coming back to Sri Panwa after long and exhausting days exploring the island was just ideal.


This amazing resort wouldn’t be complete without its beautiful private beach which has a floating pier in the Andaman Sea, where you can relax or take a pretty good picture. Also for those who want to stay fit, Sri Panwa offers a gym with a jungle view.


I was in love with the large infinity waterfall pool called the Habita. This pool had the comfiest lounges, sun beds and bean bags.

You can be perfectly fine spending one whole day lounging here, ordering fresh young coconuts and food.


One of our scheduled trips in Phuket was exploiring Phang Nga Bay island. This place is very special. It has huge cliffs and caves in the sea. The caves are called ‘Hongs’ and you can paddle a kayak inside these caves. The scenery is terrific. The guide spent a lot of time passionately talking about this place, and it does seem like most people from Thailand are very proud of this particular island. Rightfully so! It was special. Kayaking in this place was so peaceful and in some areas it was so quiet you would probably be able to hear a pin drop, into the water. All you could do was lay back and relax.


We kayaked around a couple of hongs and it was awesome! The main attraction on this trip, however, was the James Bond Island, which is where they filmed “The Man With the Golden Gun”. When we closed in on the shore which we had scheduled to spend 30 mins to be able to explore the scenery, we quickly pulled out the camera in fear of not being able to take enough memorable pictures. From the shore looking out I think it’s safe to say that there are some places on earth where peace really does exist.IMG_0026

We also used one of the days to drive all the way down the island of Phuket to Patong, the most popular, party-central area of Phuket. The streets are full of shops, bars and restaurants and the local beach is so crowded. Sitting there for 50 minutes or so made me understand that Phuket offers most of the things you would want on a holiday. From relaxing, private resorts, to popular, crowded areas where you can find a lot of good hotels. It all depends on what the purpose of your trip is. Even though we stayed at a beautiful resort it was nice to see what Patong had to offer, not only in terms of the crowded beach, but a load of different restaurants and cafés with a variety of things to eat.


However, without a doubt, The places I wanted to visit the most when thinking about Phuket were the Phi Phi Islands. Phi Phi is a group of six islands. There are two main islands Phi Phi Don and Phi Phi Leh.  Phi Phi Don is very attractive to the visitors because of its beautiful shores. Phi Phi Leh is also one of the biggest attractions, because it has the world-famous Maya Bay, the beach made famous by Leo Di Caprio in his film The Beach in 1999. At one point on our way, we stopped for a little dip into the water. It was so refreshing!


The attraction here is the incredible blue sea, the amazing soft sand, and the beautiful landscape. Just as on the James Bond island it was very crowded, but the only difference is that the water was crystal clear, making the experience just a little bit better.

One of the most memorable and enjoyable moments was the speedboat that took us to these islands. If you are planning on going on this excursion trip in Phuket and they ask you “Does anyone want to sit in the front?” Say yes! Because the experience is so much more fun. It’s like being on a roller coaster ride while seeing the most wonderful scenery in the world. The further out we went into the sea with the speedboat, the more the colors changed as if we were entering a different world. It was obvious that something special was right around the corner.

Such a tropical, dreamy and picture perfect destination.


I really enjoyed this trip and I didn’t want it to end!  It was a trip to remember, and I will definitely be back.

What are you waiting for? Book your Phuket trip now!



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