How To Crack Open a Coconut | easy & safe way |

Facts: I’m 27 years old and I became obsessed with coconuts one year ago.


The reason why I was not very into coconuts prior to this was because I had a hate/love relationship with them. A few years ago I got so excited about attempting to crack open a coconut and guess what happened, I didn’t open it and I ended up with an injured hand. Last year I decided to give it one more try, and I found a technique that worked out so well that I’ll never be scared to crack open a coconut again. Since then I have been nuts for them coconuts, no hating anymore.

Nothing is better than fresh coconut meat, and on top of that, you will get fresh coconut water when you open it.

First things first. Once you see this handsome monkey-like fruit don’t forget to shake, shake and shake! If you find a coconut that doesn’t give you a splashing sound when shaken, do not buy it! That is an indication that the coconut is not fresh.

Also when you look at the coconut you can notice that it has three eyes. One of the eyes is softer than the others. That is usually the hole that will be poked first so you will be able to drain the coconut water out of it. Place the coconut upside down on an empty glass to let the water drain out. Drink the water right away or save it for your coconut smoothie breakfast.

Get your hammer and your muscles ready for the next step! Hit the coconut hard with the hammer. The easiest way is to hold the coconut in one hand and hit with the other right in the middle of the coconut, over and over again while turning it around.

Be patient, after some time you will notice a crack line. I will also advise you not to rush and you don’t have to use force to break it. Just do it repeatedly and you will get it cracked half open soon enough. (Don’t be gentle tho, hit it hard enough until you see the first fracture line).

Next thing you should do, which believe it or not is the hardest part, is to remove the meat from the shell. I usually use a butter knife to separate the flesh from the shell. Slide it between the shell and the coconut meat, then lift the meat out of the shell. Voilà! Eventually you will get two perfect coconut bowls.


Once you’ve mastered it, trust me, you’ll be cracking open coconut after coconut.

Once you have the coconut meat, you can eat it, make coconut chips or my favorite thing to do which is to make cute bowls for my smoothies! Such a perfect treat!


I’ll be sharing Matcha Chia Pudding Coconut Bowl recipe during these next couple of weeks, and will share a link to it soon! Keep an eye out for it!








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