BootiesAndSmoothies Goes To Boot Camp!

We all know that being fit is the new trend right now. Everyone is juicing, smoothing, lifting, paleo-ing, waist-training, tea-toxing, beach body-ing, and so on. That makes me so happy, because I feel like I am surrounded by people who love the fit and healthy lifestyle. (So I’m not the only crazy one around anymore, yay)

Last weekend my training squad known as PlayFitMove organized a beach boot camp in Greece.  Ugh, only the term “boot camp”… Makes me want to throw up:) I am already having flashbacks of that crazy military-type training. My coach definitely didn’t have mercy!

It was a 3-day-weekend of healthy living and training. We were situated in a stunning beach house. My coach had planned every minute of it, and none of those minutes involved rest!  His dedication made our boot camp experience as fun and rewarding as possible. Training sessions usually included anything from hill running to circuit training on the beach.  In our free time there were options to play beach volleyball, swim or simply relax in the surroundings.

The most difficult part was the waking up. “You should be ready and wide awake for training at 7 am!”- He said.  At that moment the hate towards the coach starts, continuing throughout the day. I even told him once that he shouldn’t take it personaly when I give him evil looks. Because in those moments, I really do hate him…

After 20 minutes of up hill running in the morning and 50 min of intense cardio training after that,  we were free to go, and as birds let loose from a cage, we were all running towards the kitchen, in which a perfect, protein full and delicious breakfast was waiting for us on the table. And like any self-respecting human, we rewarded ourselves for a job well done with food – a lot of food

Trust me guys, this kind of boot camp  was exactly what I needed. It was like a break, a real one, away from home and working out in a totally different environment. What I like the most is that this kind of routine and lifestyle can not be easily erased.  We were active from 7 am to 8 pm. The breakfast was followed by walks to the beach, swimming or doing something touristy. At 3 pm we had lunch (chicken/salmon, beans, brown rice, and a lot of veggies) and then we had a break until 7:00pm – our second training on the beach, dinner at 8 pm and after that you just fall asleep like a baby.  All the lights and sounds are off by 10 pm… Pure silence and just the sound of the beach – Waves and the wind.

My biggest pain was that the WiFi was not working properly, so I was not even able to be instagraming, facebooking or snapping, which caused a little anxiety.

This boot camp is not only for those who want to lose weight. Most of us joined it for staying fit and for recharging our bodies. And of course who doesn’t want good health and a fit body. People who live with extra fat, know how hard it is to workout and lose some weight. Weight loss is not as easy as it seems. A person can suffer mentally and physically in that condition. My coach is the best advisor and motivator in those kind of moments, he will not only guide you correctly in losing weight or staying fit but also give you tips to avoid weight gaining. This boot camp was just the perfect way to stay fit and gain some new healthy habits.

First thing you will experience is the loss of fat. By doing the circuit trainings in this boot camp we lost fat more efficiently and we enjoyed the activities. We recharged our bodies and I felt like a fresh, brand new person after it ended. It relieves you of stress. It recharges you and you start work or study with renewed energy.
Also it’s defocusing your mind from all the negative and distracting things that are going on in your life, so you just turn the brain off, defocus and relax your soul.

There – in that state – you forget all the depressions and tensions. It gives you enjoyment and you can learn a lot.

We are planning on doing a winter boot camp aswell, so if you wish to know more about that and how to live fit, let me know in the comments.

Have a fit and healthy day!

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