How To Be A Badass With A Good Ass!

♫♫♫♫ It’s all about that butt, bout that butt! ♫♫♫♫

Having a well toned butt can sometimes be equal to winning the lottery(jackpot!). It brings happiness, satisfaction, self confidence and it definitely turns all the heads around you. Basically, you can in one word be defined as a “bad ass” if you own one.

First of all, I need to tell you something that might hurt… There is no food you can eat to make your butt bigger.(I mean, besides my smoothies) 🙂

Nowadays all the Selter fans and all those ” She squats bro” challenges make you believe that if you only do squats everyday, you will get that dream butt. Well, don’t believe the hype, you have to do more than just squat. Of course, squats are important and they should be part of your butt growing process, but squats alone are not enough for glute growth.

I will, in this post, share a few of my favorite butt training exercises with you, which are also the most natural and effective way of increasing the size of your booty.

If you are just starting with your training program, then I would advise you to do exercises with your own body weight. As you master the movements and you are able to do more repetitions and sets, you can add weights and learn more challenging movements.


I guess I probably sounded as if I am someone who is against squats at the beginning of this post, but my goal was to make you understand that you shouldn’t just focus on doing squats and dreaming for a bigger booty.  Although from all the exercises, the squat exercises should be your king. Try and mix some different versions of squats guys. Split squats, sumo squats, single-leg squats…..image1 (2)

Glute Bridges.

So, for doing these bridges you just need to lay on the ground with your back, bend your knees and your feet flat on the floor in front of you. Squeeze your butt when you raise your body high enough.

I also recommend you adding some weight to the movements you have already mastered. You can add a kettle bell or a weight plate to your glute bridges and then trying new “bad ass” movements like dead-lifts, weighted lunges and so on.

Don’t forget that you need rest as well, because your muscles and your butt don’t really want to be tortured every single day, neither should they. Especially between squatting days your muscles need time to repair.

About the food. As I said , there is no magic food or supplement that can make your ass grow instantly, but I have already mentioned in my previous posts that food is as important as training, maybe even more important. The muscle growth is based on what you eat. That’s why I suggest you eating six times a day and adding proteins into your healthy diet.

So my dear ladies, if you are ready to join the bad ass team, let me know. I will give you some more tips and exercises that will help you grow your booties. Also, if you like this post let me know in the comments, and in that case Me and my PLAY FIT MOVE squad might film our glute training for you, so you can be sure on whether you are doing the exercises correctly or not. Simply because, even if you have done 100 squats, if you are not doing them properly, you won’t get results.

And in the end just remember… Keep calm and love your butt, no matter what!




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