Running, Cheaper Than Therapy!

When I think about running I think about the days when I was 15 years old, how I was 5 kg overweight and how great of a desire I had of losing those kg. I was waking up every morning at 5 a.m and I was going for long runs, I was running and running and running. Once I lost enough weight, I began to experiment with running faster, and for longer distances. What I understood was that running alone could never help me look fit and lean. After some time of getting introduced to the strength trainings, the circuit trainings, and the trainings with weights I understood that I can define my body much better and easier. So I stopped running, I even started hating running. And again, I made a mistake.
Nowadays I have a perfect combination of strength and cardio training, and either you like it or not I have to say that running should be part of any training. Don’t roll your eyes just yet, because I want to tell you some positive things about it.

You can fall in love with running. Or, I would rather say you can be in a love-hate relationship with it. And the truth is,  if you do it properly, it can help you grow your mind and your lean muscle mass.

If you walk into the gym now, and ask one of your gymmates what their opinion is about running, you will probably get many different answers, and most likely many of them will shed a negative light on running. I’ve already heard a lot of them: That it’s boring, it makes you weak, it makes you lose your muscles etc. Well, the truth is that these people just hate to run and they are too lazy to move their butts. That’s why they just make up some silly beliefs, or stories about running. Honestly, don’t listen to them. Running can assist your muscle building efforts in the gym. And of course, if you run 40 kilometers per week and never lift some weights, you’ll certainly lose musclemass. But, a nice, small amount of cardio training would be a smart choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the strength training, I love to lift and build muscles. Without that I wouldn’t even be able to define my body and make myself stronger, leaner and sexier. But on the other side running is one of the things I love doing and which at the same time is like mental therapy to me.

If I would have to choose between the treadmill or going for an outdoor run, I will always choose running outside. I love running outside because I feel that I can run faster, longer and I enjoy it more than when I am stuck on a treadmill. I am also the one who decides how much I will run and how fast. The harder I train, more calories I will burn per kilometer. Usually I love to do HIIT or High-intensity interval training, in which short periods of high-intensity moves alternate with less-intense rest periods. It is a very popular and most effective training for boosting your running performance and burning as many calories as possible in a short time. When I’m on the treadmill, I set it to a high incline and do 15-second sprints with 45 seconds of rest for 12 rounds. This is the best way to increase your heart rate and speed up the fat-loss process.

I don’t do this very often(maybe two or three times per week). The rest of the days I do cross fit, circuit or TRX trainings with weights.

One thing that makes me love my circuit, crossfit or TRX trainings is the fact that those workouts can even double as cardio. Yes, no joke! Kettlebell exercises can burn up to 20 calories a minute which is equivalant to unning at a 6-minute km pace.

Try not to be very focused on the breathing rhythm. Do what feels comfortable for you and you will enjoy the run.

Plus, I bought my first pair of “omg, those are fire!” running shoes, so I’m pretty much “in love” with running. I mean, there are days when I could keep running forever, but there are still days where I just hate it. There is one thing my coach told me years ago and that one of the reasons why people think they hate running is because THEY THINK THEY HATE RUNNING. Simple as that. Sometimes when I start running, I think ” I am so strong I will do one more kilometer”, sometimes  I think “forget this, my legs are so heavy”. It is a mental game, trust me, once you overcome those negative thoughts, you will start flying. If you have a busy lifestyle, only a good run can make you relax. Put your earpieces on, get your playlist ready, and start running.  






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