Late Night Snack Attack !

Hi there! It’s late in the night and this is not me speaking! It’s my conscious, and my thoughts provoked by the late night snacking demons that want to get me up from bed and guide me towards the “favorite” place in the house… The kitchen! To be more precise… The fridge!

OK guys, before talking about late night snacking, let me revise my day. Let’s go backwards so we can see how positive the day was and how it was filled with healthy choices. Maybe we then might ask ourselves, should we make that terrible, fatal step and go and meet the dark side of the fridge?!

Long story short: I woke up early, I did my foam roller stretching session, I showered,  I ate my vanilla protein oatmeal and I went out to run some errands (read >> I went hunting for Pokemon😉). When I finished I went to enjoy my favorite espresso coffee and also ate some fruits with nuts at a coffee shop. I came home and ate salmon with integral rice and cheakpeas. Two hours later I went for a run and when I got back I drank my protein shake. Finally, in the evening I enjoyed a cup of parsley tea and around midnight I was getting ready for bed. Once I got ready and decided to start reading a book, I caught myself being distracted and thinking about food! I was like: “Ooops, that’s it! PANIC ALERT!

Once you get this munchies attack late in the night, it’s very hard to control yourself! It’s almost impossible! And I am a 110% sure that all of you have, at one one point or the other, experienced these kind of attacks, and it’s good to know that you are not alone! You know what… It is definitely not our fault, it’s just the natural biology! And after all I would say, it is really not a big deal if you decide to eat later. My opinion is that it’s better to go and meet the fridge, then to stay awake all night and play the hunger games. Just don’t overeat, which is what can often happen once you put some scrumptious food in your mouth that late in the night.

What I’ve found out that helps me not to experience these cravings often is eating more protein. If you fill up on protein, especially if you start from breakfast, you will notice that you won’t be interested in snacking later in the day.

Other thing that can help is the talk between you and your concious. Yeah, why not? Have a nice and honest chat with your mind and ask yourself “am I really hungry?” or “am I just bored?”.  Tell yourself that it’s just a matter of time, try drinking water and stay calm. Tell yourself that your craving is only a “thought” and try ignoring it. Let me be frank, this tip right here, never worked in my life, but at least I always try:) Flexing your mental muscle can sometimes bring a positive outcome.

Also, don’t stay very up to very late in the night. I mean it’s ok, I know that you want to finish your Game Of Thrones season, but don’t forget that if you stay awake late in the night, your snack attack will be right there, attacking you and dragging you towards the kitchen. You will feel like it is a given command from an unseen force. I can’t really explain it with other words, but it’s definitely a devilish thing.FullSizeRender

What actually helps me the most is to always remind myself about the guilty feeling you will receive after. That is the only thing that should be on your mind, being aware that you end up feeling guilty, weak and ashamed. You won’t even be able to fall asleep. You will start thinking about throwing up(DON’T YOU DARE DO THAT) and then just swearing that tomorrow will be different.

As I mentioned above, the best way to help avoid the nighttime cravings is to make sure you eat breakfast and lunch(all protein-packed). And if you really, really, like really, really want to eat something then I would suggest you eat what I usually eat, and how I satisfy my cravings!

I like to have low-fat popcorn, rice cakes with avocado or green homemade hummus on top. Munching on carrots is my favorite! And also, low-fat yogurt or quinoa porridge can make you feel full! Right after that, let your tummy digest for some minutes and then go straight to bed, because the demons are coming after you…:)

So… Put the ice cream DOWN now, and go grab some healthy late night snacks! Your tummy will be thankful !


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