Vacation Fit- Greece Edition

How to stay healthy and fit while being away on a vacation ?

How to maintain physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle if you don’t have access to a gym, a blender to blend your smoothies or a kitchen to prepare your salads?

Well …. I know it can be a challenge when you are away from home. But let’s do our best and try to keep it fit and healthy.

For the past 5 years, keeping myself in the best possible shape has been a priority for me. I love the feeling of satisfaction after finishing a workout, so I have become a type of a person that hates skipping workouts, or skipping away from the healthy routines.

Last week me and my boyfriend (who is a football player in Russia) decided to go on a short trip to Greece. His first thought and goal while searching for the hotel was: “A gym is a must”. And so, I instantly felt relieved and happy knowing that I was travelling with someone who is as “fitness freaky” as myself 🙂 I already knew that about him, but! I didn’t know that he would want to work out while being on a 3 day vacation trip 🙂 (happy dance)

Anyways , one of the most important things when booking an accomodation is: Search for a fitness-friendly hotel. Nowadays it’s pretty normal for a hotel to have a gym, but you should still search for one that has a nice, clean gym that can offer everything you need.

I know it’s hard going on a vacation with people who don’t really love to workout. I am sorry, I can not help you with that(I guess I got blessed with my bae), but, I can give you an advice. Search for the right people to be your company, if you want to workout even when being on a holiday.2016-06-11 10.27.39

The hotel where we stayed was called “Pomegranate Wellness and Spa”. I must admit, it had the perfect gym and the best spa center that I have ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). It made us want to hit the gym not just once, but twice per day. The facilities, the cleanliness, the machines, the stuff… Everything was perfect.2016-06-06 13.46.09

Location is also key. It is very important to check where the hotel is located. If you’re staying by a nearby trail for running, or hiking then definitely make sure that you do one workout by the sea or in the nature. It will make your day 10 times better when breathing fresh air and enjoying the view, even during your workouts. My boyfriend did some sprints up the hill, and I believed his words when telling me it was a “freak” of a workout after seeing his sweat drip down his face.

Regarding the food…. I honestly understood that hotels exceptionally well know how to make a mess in your mind with all those cheesecakes, sweets, cookies, pasta, pizza, all types of bread, full fat yogurts, sugary and crunchy muesli and the list continues. The only thing I can advise you on is staying strong in those kind of moments and reminding yourself about your goals and priorities. Five star, four star, three star, two star hotels and even your vacation home also offer a lot of fruits, smoothies, healthy meals, meat, salads , sea food and so on. It only depends on yourself and your choices.2016-06-06 15.40.12

My breakfast choice in the hotel was always and will forever be. Guess! Yes, you guessed it right. If not.. Well, read the last post😜 Oat meal with some healthy seeds, kiwi smoothie and espresso coffee. My boyfriend’s choice was omelette with tomatoes and mushrooms. And for dinner or lunch without a doubt, the choice was some lean meat, chicken or beef with a lot of fresh veggies or sea food.

I guess it makes sense now ….Couples that workout and eat healthy together, stay together 🙂

And at the end of the day, it is not like you go on a vacation every day. Don’t beat yourself up (or your loved ones) if you don’t keep up to your usual healthy regimes. Just try to make the best food choices you can. And above all ENJOY YOURSELF!

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