Start Your Morning Right !

It’s Monday ! And I know it’s very difficult for you guys to get up and go to work , school, or wherever you have to go . But we all have to! Being unproductive is the most depressive thing and seeing yourself do nothing will destroy your mind. So let’s be active, creative, productive and let’s do something that will make us feel good and positive today.

First things first ! I will start with the most important thing in the morning . The one and only, HER majesty, THE BREAKFAST !

I don’t know how many of you know that eating the right breakfast can change your mood, your day, your mindset and your thoughts. How many of you feel bad or guilty after eating donuts or burgers in the morning? It’s not only the moment of feeling guilt, but also, once you start your day with something stacked with unhealthy fats and carbs, rest assured it will throw you back to bed. A high carb and low protein meal will typically make you groggy after breakfast. What am I refering to? Bread, pizza, potatoes, chocolate, sweets…. I know, I know…. All of them have their own way of creating bubbles of happiness and satisfaction in your mind, but what about what we get after a while? We feel sleepy and guilty… And if anything, nobody can be fully creative, positive, or productive with that kind of feeling.

Few years ago I changed my breakfast meal from a whole wheat bread with jam and some dry fruits on the side to an organic oat meal bowl made with whey organic oats, protein powder, chia, almond, pumpkin, sunflower and goji berry seeds, or my second favorite: Omelette with mushrooms, greek yogurt and green salad on the side. My third breakfast option is a blended protein smoothie (berries, banana, whey protein, peach, chia seeds, organic oats). After eating a meal like this my sleepiness immediately decreases and I now have energy for the whole day.

It’s not easy to eat a healthy diet and furthermore even exercise, but it’s worth it. Especially after you see the results. How do I know this? Well, I feel like I am on Red bull every single day because of my healthy lifestyle and diet. And it’s so fantastic to always have energy and willpower to do anything and achieve everything.

So try it! In a short time you will see the differences. Change and explore with your meals for one week. I promise that you would find it helpful and that it will change your life.  I am sure you would feel much better.

If you need any more info, comment me!

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