Let’s do it !

Let’s do it ! Hello guys !

I was thinking and wondering for a long time, asking myself when the appropriate time for me to start doing this, would be.  I was always feeling that I was not well enough prepared to start writing. But somehow at the end of the day, I find my self with a lot of things unsaid, and I feel like I want to talk to somebody and share the thoughts and the things I do and like to do with people that can find it helpful and interesting.

I love my life, my lifestyle and the things I do. I eat healthy , I live healthy and I workout most of the time. I am not sure yet if I belong in the freak category of this healthy journey, but I am very sure that I love the progress and the results at the end of it all. Those of you who have gotten aquainted with me on instagram have probably noticed that I love to work out and to prepare delicious, yet healthy meals. My friends make fun of me because basically every post is something super healthy or related to my workouts. That’s why I decided to dedicate myself to writing this blog. In this way they will stop bothering me😜. Now they will understand that this is part of me and my lifestyle ….. So guys, deal with it 🙂

One part of this journey that is annoying and at the same time is the most challenging is the result.  “Why?”, you’ll probably ask. Well, because they come very slow. That makes us quit before we see the result, and before we are even able to become proud and satisfied with the “new ME”.

After 5 years of struggling and looking for not only the right way to get the body shape I wanted but also the mindset that I knew would make me feel complete, I can finally say I sleep calm and go out with the biggest confidence ever, these days. Of course, as any other human being, I struggle with feeling bad sometimes. Sometimes I can feel like I do this for no reason. However, once I see the progress, and once I go back to the thoughts, the moments and the pictures of the past, being a person I did not want to be, I smile again!

I come from Macedonia, a small country that can not offer a lot for the “freaks” like me. But I can proudly say that my 2 years stay in United States has played a big role in the “new ME” journey. I now try and do my best to prove that everything and anything is possible even if you don’t have the best sources of healthy food or gym facilities.

Anyways guys, Hopefully you’ll find what I do, what I have achieved so far, and not to mention what WE will achieve in the future, interesting. Together, we WILL do it.

I’ll be posting my favorite healthy recipes, a lot of healthy smoothies and meals, fitness brands/products, fitness fashion, workout videos and anything and everything else related to my healthy lifestyle. So whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, or already living a super active lifestyle. Hi! I’m Ana, and we can do this TOGETHER because we love smoothies and smoothies are good for our booties 🙂

Enjoy !

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